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Acrylic Subplates Save Time & Headaches


Custom Pneumatic Circuit Boards

You can have a faster, more dependable way to produce multiples of the same pneumatic circuit.  This is a system that enables you to speed circuit assembly while assuring accurate hookups.


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It’s the fastest most efficient circuit system available.

Assembly time and effort are reduced. A large number of parts, fittings, and lengths of tubing are no longer needed. The resulting circuit is compact, neat in appearance, and can be easily mounted for permanent installation.
No more “haywire” plumbing. Piping errors are eliminated, and an efficient, dependable, and attractive control results.

Each custom circuit board is individually produced with the same high quality standards associated with the Clippard name. By utilizing Clippard’s unique manufacturing process, these clear acrylic units provide sealed
internal passageways between valves without the need for gaskets, clamps, or piping.

Sizes and dimensions will vary according to your application. By adapting your control requirements to the versatility of Clippard Modular Valves, your Clippard distributor can provide you with detailed application information.

To complete your pneumatic control, just plug in the modular valves and tighten the two captivated screws on each valve. Connect inputs and outputs to the circuit board and the circuit is ready to run.

Typical Application:

A manufacturer of prostate analysis equipment uses Clippard’s acrylic subplates with numerous ES valves. In addition to the valves, the subplate is also used to mount servo motors, actuators and supports the electronic circuit boards. Initially the customer used aluminum plates bolted together and had challenges with alignment and leakage. Clippard’s acrylic solution saved this customer time and eliminated re-work!