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Clippard News

Simplified Pneumatic Symbols


The components needed to manufacture and construct pneumatic logic control circuits are readily available, reliable and have been proven in countless applications. The symbols needed to design a pneumatic circuit are few, yet until now no practical rapid symbology for the control designer existed.

Clippard Pneumatic Cylinders Serve Propane Tanks to Summer Grillers


The next time you need to get your propane tank filled, you may be given one by Clippard valves and cylinders! In today’s world of streamlining and saving time, an innovative firm has designed a self-serve system which allows buyers to get a propane tank 24/7. Simply swipe your credit card and the holding cage will open automatically dispensing a tank. These systems are located at stores, gas stations and other shopping establishments for your convenience!

Pad Printing


Pad printing systems are self-inking presses designed to print on objects with irregular shapes. Clippard’s pneumatic circuitry assists in the process with Modular Valves, Subplates and Push Buttons. Set up takes less than 60 seconds for the next run of any size product. Capable of running up to four colors.

Bug Off!


If you build a home in areas with tropical climates such as Florida, Louisiana and Texas, chances are you’ll be shopping for a pest defense system along with carpeting, paint and cabinetry! Clippard’s client offers a patented system designed with a network of small, perforated plastic tubing installed in designated walls which links to service ports on the exterior of the home. Through these ports, technicians periodically inject pest control materials into the tubes, distributing them within the wall voids, thereby targeting the pests right where they live.

Portable Gas Analyzers


Many manufacturers of portable and fixed gas analyzers utilize Clippard Minimatic valves and fittings. The reliable EV series valves are ideal for flow control as well as the purging of the system between samples.

Neuromuscular Rehabilitation Equipment


Kinetic Muscles, Inc. has developed an exercise therapy device to be used mostly by stroke patients to retrain the brain to regain motion in the limbs. The Hand Mentor encourages a patient to extend their wrist and fingers as much as possible on their own. When maximum self-extension is achieved, the Mentor will engage a pneumatic actuator which then assists with the movement to full extension. Cycle rates, length of motion and force of operation can be programmed into the unit. Kinetic Muscles utilizes Clippard ES electronic valves on a special manifold in the Mentor.

Clippard Needle Valves Keep Plants & Vegetables Moist


A manufacturer of misting systems uses the internal parts of Clippard’s MNV-4K Flow Controls to control the flow of water into a miniature sprayer creating a fine mist.

Limb Positioning Equipment Assists Surgeons


During elbow, hand and shoulder procedures, surgeons often require the patient’s arm to remain raised and precisely positioned. New pneumatically-powered articulating equipment can support and provide traction for the heaviest limbs, thereby eliminating the need for an additional surgical aide during the procedure. Positioning is instantaneously controlled by the surgeon by use of a foot pedal. Clippard’s stainless steel cylinders provide the force in an intensifier circuit that unlocks the mechanical mechanisms for this innovative medical engineering company.

Clippard Cylinders Keep the Presses Moving Smoothly


An international supplier of advanced technology web offset press systems for newspaper and commercial printing improves customer’s operations and bottom line with Clippard’s help. As constant paper tension control is imperative to web press operations, Clippard helps to provide that tension with our 1 - 1 1/2” stroke air cylinders.