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William L. Clippard III is Honored by The Ohio State University School of Mechanical Engineering


William L. Clippard, III (Bill) was recently honored by The Ohio State University Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering for his association and commitment to the field of engineering, his ongoing support of the Mechanical Engineering Department, and his passion to see engineers graduate with more practical knowledge and skills. 

Lab space within the Mechanical Engineering building has been dedicated as the  “Clippard Laboratory,” named in honor of William L. Clippard III, class of ’63.  The lab will be used for engineering design courses where students will have access to prototype-producing machinery, including CNC multi-axis machining centers, where they will be able to design, program, and run their actual part. 

Bill Clippard was a graduate of the OSU Mechanical Engineering program in 1963. Bill has always had an engineering mind and the ability to put design ideas into practical applications.  His natural depth of understanding for mechanical systems, coupled with engineering technical disciplines acquired at Ohio State, has allowed him to create unique designs for products, equipment, and processes.  Through a partnership between OSU and engineering-oriented companies, like Clippard, the need for graduates to have more practical knowledge and exposure to real world challenges is being addressed through curriculum changes.  The new Clippard Engineering Lab will enhance these initiatives by allowing students to gain practical hands-on experience. 

Columbus, Ohio, January 4, 2015

The ceremony was hosted by the Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department Chairperson, Dr. Ahmet Selamet, and Professors Dr. Cheena Srinivasan, Dr. Blaine Lilly, and Dr. Sandra Metzler. 

Deborah Schroeder, Senior Director of Development, hosted the day’s events which were attended by Bill’s wife, Anne, along with their five children with spouses, and their 16 grandchildren.

Bill has had a desire to see engineering schools work more closely with businesses in engineering to bring theory and practice together for a stronger future of manufacturing.  His desire to encourage excellence within future generations of engineers coincides with the strong reputation of the OSU ME department.   The mission of the department is,

 “The education of professionals in mechanical, aerospace and nuclear engineering, the dissemination of knowledge and technology, and the development of innovative solutions to problems in these fields.”  OSU affirms, “We are proud of the extensive research programs and facilities that exist within the department.  Our faculty adhere to the philosophy that true innovation depends upon the cooperation of academia, industry, and government working together to advance the goals of science and technology.”

 Clippard Instrument Laboratory, Inc. has played and will continue to play a significant role in this cooperative effort.