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Way to Go FRC Team 144!


Congratulations to FRC Team 144 The R.O.C.K. for winning the Pittsburgh Regionals and qualifying for the FRC Championship!

FRC Team 144 The ROCK - FIRST Robotics Competition

Team 144 The R.O.C.K. (Robotics Organization of Cardinals and Knights) is a FIRST® Robotics team of students from Colerain High School and Northwest High School here in Cincinnati, Ohio.


FIRST Robotics Competition FIRST® Robotics Competition

The FIRST® Robotics Competition is a unique varsity Sport for Mind™ designed to help students discover how interesting and rewarding the lives of engineers and scientists can be. It consists of short games played by robots, which are designed and built in six weeks (from a common set of parts) by a team of students and a handful of mentors. The students then program and remotely control the robots in competition rounds on the field.

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