Bulkhead Fittings

  Bulkhead Fittings
ENP brass or brass bulkhead fittings available with #10-32, 1/8" NPT or 1/4" NPT internal thread with #15/32-32 or 3/4-20 mounting thread.

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Part No.
Product Description 1-8 of 8
15027-BLK #10-32 Bulkhead Fitting
15027-ENP-BLK #10-32 Bulkhead Fitting, ENP Brass
15027-ENP-PKG #10-32 Bulkhead Fitting, ENP Brass, Pack of 5
15027-PKG #10-32 Bulkhead Fitting, Pack of 5
15029-1 1/8” NPT Bulkhead Fitting
15029-1-ENP 1/8” NPT Bulkhead Fitting, ENP Brass
15029-2 1/4” NPT Bulkhead Fitting
15029-2-ENP 1/4” NPT Bulkhead Fitting, ENP Brass