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How to Plumb Clippard's Cordis Pressure Controller for Vacuum


Clippard's Cordis Series Electronic Pressure Controller can be calibrated anywhere from full vacuum to 150 psi. In this video, Clippard Product Manager Doug Paynter explains how to properly plumb the Cordis CPC series when working with vacuum.

Products That Provide Proportional Control of Vacuum


Learn more about some of the different options available for electronically controlling vacuum in this quick video from Doug Paynter, Clippard's Proportional Product Manager...

Pressure Driven Flow Control


How Clippard's components offer ideal solutions to pressure driven flow control of liquid media.

A Comparison of Mechanical Regulators vs. Electronic Regulators


How does mechanical regulation compare to electronic regulation? What kinds of applications are best for one over the other? Product Manager Scott Lamb explains the advantages and disadvantages of each in this quick video.

Video filmed at Clippard in Cincinnati, Ohio

Pressure Sensor Ranges for the Cordis CPC Series Electronic Pressure Regulators


The Cordis proportional regulator has provides phenomenal control, linearity, accuracy, and repeatability.

How to Precisely Control Head Pressures of Liquids with Clippard's Cordis Series


Cordis series electronic proportional pressure controllers are an ideal choice for precisely controlling the head pressures of liquids.

Clippard's CMO & COO Discuss New Cordis Series


Clippard Executive discuss the new Cordis line of Electronic Pressure Controls and how this fits with their strategic long-term plan.

Fluid Power World Video Interview: Cordis Electronic Pressure Regulators


In this video interview, Mary Gannon of Fluid Power World talks with Matt Larson, Product Manager for Clippard's new Cordis Pressure Regulators...