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Where Values Make the Difference


Clippard Instrument Laboratory is a manufacturer of pneumatic components headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio. It is a family company in that it is owned and operated by descendants of its founder, but even more, it is a family company because it is made of a tight-knit team of people who rally around each other and care about the success of everyone involved.

How to Troubleshoot a Leak with a 4-Way Control Valve Connected to a Pneumatic Cylinder


Clippard Technical Sales Specialist Mike Kettering demonstrates an easy way to troubleshoot a leak with a 4-way valve connected to a double-acting cylinder.


How does Clippard's DR-2 precision regulator compare to the MAR series?

Clippard's new DR-2 regulator provides the same robust durability as the original MAR regulator but with greater accuracy and repeatability. In this video, Nicki Beckett highlights some of the features and benefits of these regulators and explains the new application possibilities available with the DR-2 line.

How to Combine Multiple Valves with Different Functions onto a Single Manifold


There are many situations where it can be useful to mount a variety of valves with different functions together onto a single manifold. In this Tech Tip video, Scott Lamb, Technical Sales representative at Clippard, demonstrates how easily this can be done as he mounts six valves onto one manifold to perform five different functions.



Clippard Releases New ST Series 8 mm Electronic Valves


Clippard ST Series 8 mm 3-Way Electronic Valves

These direct actuating valves offer an extremely fast response time for accurate dosing of minute volumes with the same long life you expect from the original Clippard EV line of electronic valves, now in a 8 mm cartridge package.

An Overview of Clippard Pneumatic Valves and Custom Solutions


Rob Clippard, VP of Sales & Marketing, provides a brief overview of Clippard's pneumatic valves and custom solutions. Highlights include Clippard's new line of miniature pinch valves, PTFE isolation valves, the new DV electronic valves, the popular EV line of electronic valves, and Clippard's new line of precision regulators.

Filmed at Pittcon 2017 by American Laboratory


Best of Luck to FRC Team 144!


In this video, the Colerain Robotics FRC Team 144 The R.O.C.K. reveals their 2017 FRC Robot, "Obsidian." You guys have done a great job with this robot! Good luck in the competition!