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Cordis Proportional Pressure Controls

Precise, linear digital pressure control within a closed-loop system with ultra high resolution and repeatability.

All Stainless Steel Air Cylinders

Designed for use in a broad range of applications including those in washdown and caustic environments, these quality cylinders are constructed of durable 303 and 304 stainless steel. They include a Nitrile rod wiper to keep potential contaminants from penetrating inside the cylinder, and are available with bore sizes from 3/4" to 2". Standard stroke lengths are from 1" up to 32" on some models.

Video: CMO & COO Discuss New Cordis Series

Rob Clippard, Chief Marketing Officer, and Ernie Doering, Chief Operating Officer, discuss Clippard's new Cordis electronic pressure controls and how this product fits strategically with Clippard's long-time mission of providing customers with fast, efficient service.

Video filmed at Clippard in Cincinnati, Ohio by Fluid Power World



Fluid Power World Video Interview: Cordis Electronic Pressure Regulators

In this video interview, Mary Gannon of Fluid Power World talks with Clippard's Matt Larson about the new Cordis line of digital pressure controls.

Video filmed at Clippard in Fairfield, Ohio by Fluid Power World



Key Differentiators of Clippard's Cordis Electronic Proportional Pressure Controls

Learn more about the key differentiators of Clippard's new Cordis high resolution electronic proportional pressure controls in this new video from Ernie Doering, Chief Operating Officer.

Video filmed at Clippard in Cincinnati, Ohio by Fluid Power World



How Stepper Motors Provide Precision Control

Stepper motors are used in a variety of applications to provide a means for tightly controlled motion. But what is a stepper motor, and how does it work? This paper will discuss bipolar motors in detail, explaining what they are and how they work, and providing examples of how they're used with different types of proportional valves to provide precise control.