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How to Prevent Your Check Valve from Making Noise


Is your check valve making noise? In this Tech Tip video, Scott Lamb explains what could be causing your check valve to be noisy and demonstrates how to correct it.

Video filmed at Clippard in Cincinnati, Ohio


Hi there, Scott Lamb, product manager for control valves with Clippard. Today we want to talk about a problem that can occur with check valves and that is noise.

What happens is that at a specific pressure and flow, it will overcome the seal and the spring rate and allow air to pass through and across the spool. And then there will be a pressure drop on the back side which will allow that to close again. So when that occurs, the spool inside the check valve can oscillate very quickly. And because of this very fast-moving oscillation is where you will get the noise.

So, how can you correct it? Here are three possible solutions to the noise problem.

If your system’s flow and pressure are pretty consistent, you can slightly increase or decrease the pressure upstream from the check valve.

If your system’s flow and pressure are pretty consistent, you can also put a needle valve, a flow restrictor, any kind of reduction in flow downstream of the check valve to reduce the speed at which the poppet assembly is oscillating.

The third solution is to change the spring force inside the valve. The easiest way to do this is to buy a different valve that Clippard has helped you custom design to eliminate the noise and extend the life of the valve.

Keep in mind, we are the manufacturer of all the components inside our check valves. Please call us with any kind of custom work needed.

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