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Why Isn't My Shuttle Valve Shifting from One Input to the Other?


Having trouble with your shuttle valve not shifting? In this Tech Tip video, Product Manager Scott Lamb explains more about this common problem.

Video filmed at Clippard in Cincinnati, Ohio


Hi there, Scott Lamb, product manager for control valves with Clippard. Today I want to talk about shuttle valves and why you might be having a problem in the way you feel it should be working. First, it’s important that you realize that you cannot use a shuttle valve as a pressure selector, or any kind of selector. It is simply designed to not allow one input pressure port to cross over into the other inlet pressure port, but only go to the outlet port. It is more similar to combining a couple of check valves together, compared to acting like a true selector valve.

A shuttle valve is commonly called an “or” valve because it has one input at a time from two different locations—not to be confused with a pressure selector or a pressure differential valve. If you’re experiencing a shuttle valve not shifting from one input to the other input, there are a couple of common problems to consider.

A common reason is that you could still have pressure on the opposing port. Again, a shuttle valve is not a selector—it is looking for one signal at a time, not two. Check to see if you have pressure in the opposing port that is somehow getting trapped in the system’s pneumatic circuit. Using the proper valve and sending the signal could be the problem, and not necessarily the shuttle valve.

If you feel the shuttle valve is not the proper component for your application, give us a call. Thanks for watching, and please subscribe to our YouTube channel for more pneumatic videos.

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