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Reduce Piping & Increase Efficiency with Acrylic Manifolds

Many traditional valving systems require a considerable amount of piping, tubing and fittings to create the necessary circuitry. Clippard acrylic manifolds provide an efficient alternative, saving assembly time and reducing the amount of space and clearance needed for installation.

Clippard Releases New Miniature Stainless Steel Push-Quick Fittings


Clippard Stainless Steel Push-Quick Fittings

Constructed of high grade 316 stainless steel, these durable fittings

Clippard Offers Expanded Miniature Regulator Series


Clippard MAR-1 Miniature Regulators Now Available with Newly Expanded Mounting Configurations

Clippard's Interchange Guide Makes Cylinder Swapping Easy


Looking to replace a cylinder from another manufacturer? The website makes it easy with a built-in cylinder Interchange Guide. Just enter your cylinder part number into any search box and the Interchange Guide will identify which Clippard cylinders are most similar, complete with a full comparison.

Portable Oxygen Concentrators Are In Demand


According to a recent study conducted by Wintergreen Research, the worldwide market for portable oxygen concentrators is expecting continued growth through 2019. This in part due to the baby-boomer population and the need for homecare oxygen therapy. Plus, the number of manufacturers and model choices have increased substantially over the past decade.

Powered Exoskeleton Designed to Help Carry Heavy Objects


An ambitious group of high school students are building a powered exoskeleton inspired by the movies Edge of Tomorrow and Elysium. The suit, which utilizes 8 Clippard stainless steel pneumatic cylinders, is designed to aid in the lifting and transport of heavy objects.

Colerain Robotics Team Finishes Sixth at the FRC World Championship


The team was among 600 other teams that qualified in regional tournaments from around the world. Colerain had been ranked 49th in their division at the end of qualification matches. The team’s chances of moving on looked bleak. However, the tides turned for the team when top ranking teams were scouting for an alliance partner to choose.