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Pneumatic Solutions for Plasmic Entity Control Systems


Malevolent spirits, ghosts, poltergeists and other supernatural entities can wreak havoc on a business, causing extensive damage and loss of revenue as they intimidate and traumatize employees and customers. Entire families may find themselves terrorized and even be displaced from their own homes.

Ghostbusters Rely on Clippard Modular Valves

Accelerated Particle Beam Systems

The Proton Pack is a portable particle accelerator system that is used to create a charged particle beam composed of protons. The Proton Pack has a hand-held wand (Neutrino/Neutrona Wand, aka "Proton Gun") which fires the particle beam by colliding the high-energy positrons generated by the Proton Pack. This particle beam helps dissipate the negatively charged electromagnetic radiation plasmic entities use to manifest themselves.

Plasmic Entity Control

This technology is utilized by the Ghostbusters for trapping and ridding homes and businesses of a wide variety of undesirable plasmic entities. Each member of the Ghostbusters response team is equipped with a Proton Pack and Neutrino Wand. After locating the entity, a semi-controlled stream of protons is fired at it. This weakens the entity by polarizing its psychokinetic (PK) energy, enabling it to be held within the active stream. A "trap" is then actuated and the entity is pulled in and confined, allowing it to easily be removed from the premises.


Critical Reliability

For the Ghostbusters, reliability is truly critical—a malfunction could have catastrophic results. With total protonic reversal at stake, they trust the superior quality of Clippard penumatic products for the critical components of these systems.



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Ghostbusters Proton Pack


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