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Custom Calibrated Pressure Sensors


Clippard has expanded the Cordis family to include a new line of transducers. These sensors are conditioned and offer a customized calibration around your application requirements, allowing for a full scale accuracy of 0.25% over the calibrated range. They can be used in conjunction with Clippard's Cordis Series pressure controller or as a standalone unit.

Video filmed at Clippard in Cincinnati, Ohio


Hi everyone, today I want to add another awesome product to the fast growing Cordis product line… Our new Cordis CPS pressure transducer.

The new CPS pressure sensor brings to the table a specifically calibrated sensor that best suits your application monitoring requirements. With three different signal outputs to choose from, multiple mounting options, an IP65 housing protection, and a calibration range that can be anywhere between full vacuum to 150 psig, the CPS pressure sensor provides a completely customizable signal to provide downstream feedback or just simple monitoring.

With the Cordis pressure controllers, an internal pressure sensor is always a part of the closed loop pressure control circuit. But what if my signal reference point is needed further downstream in the application? For example, the CPS sensor can be placed on the output gauge port of a pilot regulator thereby eliminating the mechanical hysteresis we typically see. Or, placing the CPS sensor further downstream in the critical control area of the application where our ±0.25% accuracy and our ≤5mV resolution can be most effective.

The Cordis CPS pressure sensor is truly designed to be calibrated to your specific application needs. With over 23 sensors in absolute, gauge, differential reference, customizing a specific monitor range of anywhere between full vacuum to 150 psig is quite simple. What do you want your sensor calibrated to? Do you want 4” Hg to 3.75psi? Maybe inches of water instead? Does your signal need to be inverted? The list goes on and on. A pressure sensor that can be calibrated to the specifics of your application to reference all types of units of measurement, whether absolute or gauge, and still provide the ±0.25% accuracy and linearity provides a unique benefit you need to take advantage of.

For more technical information regarding the Cordis CPS pressure sensor, please check out or feel free to contact us for more assistance. I am Doug Paynter, Proportional Product Manager here at Clippard. Thank you for your time.