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Clippard PB-22 Adapter Installation Instructions

Installation Instructions:

  1. Remove plastic locking nut from actuator (not used)
  2. Press interface into actuator
  3. Insert button into hole in panel
  4. Thread panel adapter nut onto button
  5. Align actuator, tighten up to panel
  6. Insert swivel adapter into hole in housing
  7. Slice spacers onto thread of valve (if needed)
  8. Thread valve onto swivel adapter
  9. Thread housing onto panel adapter
  10. Aligh as needed, tighten all connections
Clippard Valve Spacer
HV-4, MAV-2, MAV-2P, MAV-2R, MAV-3R, MAV-3, MAV-3P None
MAVO-2, MAVO-3 None
GV-2, GV-3, MJV-2, MJV-3, MJVO-2, MJVO-3 1/8"
MAV-4, MAV-4D, MJV-4, MJV-4D None
ES-1 None
FV-3, FV-3P, FV-3D, FV-3DP 1/8"
FV-4, FV-4P, FV-4D, FV-4DP 1/8"
FV-5, FV-5P, FV-5D, FV-5DP 1/8"