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Pest Control


Propane-powered mosquito control systems operate in many backyards and outdoor businesses 24 hours a day to remove a variety of both day and night biting insects.  As the insects approach the unit, they are vacuumed into a containment net and eventually dehydrate and die.  Essential to the design of these system are Clippard’s high performance EV Electronic Valves that provide for long life and low power consumption.

Pneumatics Extend Reach into Packaging Applications

New technologies deliver intelligent control, networking and inexpensive sensing solutions.

Keeping in step with their electromechanical counterparts, pneumatics technology is developing at a rapid pace, now delivering modular designs, safety solutions, diagnostic capabilities, and sensing and control functions that reach beyond traditional packaging applications.

Modular Design and Efficiency

Clippard Modular Valves All Wet!


H.T.E. Technologies, Clippard’s distributor in St. Louis, recently solved several processing problems for a local car wash manufacturer. The main problem of isolating water from electricity, while implementing a new wash line, was tackled by John Nebruer of H.T.E.

Clippard Electro Pneumatic Toggle

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Clippard Applications Have Gone to the Birds


Pneumatic automation plays a role on the roof tops of Clippard. Over time, pigeons become unruffled by the presence of a motionless plastic owl. By automating several owls throughout the area to pop up out of 8” PVC pipes, the pigeon problem has flown away.