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Clippard Pneumatic Fill & Bleed Valves Press Release


Clippard Fill Bleed ValvesClippard Instrument Laboratory, Inc., has introduced a special new valve to its Minimatic line of pneumatic components. This new “fill and bleed” toggle valve has two poppet valves connected to a single outlet. The operation is similar to a 3-way, 3 position center-blocked valve.

The FBV-3 offers an extreme amount of flexibility in adjusting flow controls, when pressurizing or “fill” and de-pressurizing or “bleed”, simply by changing positions of the toggle. Two built in needle valves provide the speed control needed for extend and retract applications. Non-adjustable models are also available.

These compact, easy to install valves are available with several toggle position options offering unlimited application possibilities. For more information about the FBV-3 valve, or other Clippard Minimatic products, contact your local Clippard distributor, or Clippard today.