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ES Series Valves

 Clippard ES Series Electronic Valves

The compact ES valve, like Clippard EV and ET valves, converts low voltage, low current signals into high pressure (0 to 105 psig) pneumatic outputs, utilizing a unique, patented valving principle. Since there are no sliding parts, and complete poppet travel is only 0.007”, low power consumption and exceptionally long life are assured with this design. No flow is required for cooling because the compact ES is cool, as well as quiet, in operation.

The compact nature of design makes this valve well suited to a wide range of applications in biomedical, environmental test equipment, textile machines, packaging machinery, computerized industrial automation, and portable systems.

• Close mounting - 7/8” on center
• Overall height less than 1”
• Easy to mount on manifold with two #4-40 screws
• Geometric design
• Polymer housing - Zytel ST 801® super tough
• TE Connectivity-style pin connection or 18” wire leads
• Flow up to 17 l/min (0.6 scfm)
• Ideal for ultra-low leak applications

As in the case of the EV/EVO product, the ES/ESO uses the single moving part design proven many times in the EV/ET/EC series valves. Of course, given the reduced size of the coil the power to operate increases to 1 watt.

Because of its reliability, the ES/ESO series valve is found in many of the same applications and industries as its predecessor, the EV/ET/EC. However, the smaller size finds it used more commonly in portable or mobile equipment. This makes the valve particularly applicable in home healthcare applications.

Valves are small in size with a variety of coil voltages and flow options. Mounting is as close as 7/8” on center. Housing is molded Zytel® ST 801 for toughness and rigidity. Valves feature low power, cool running, quiet operation and fast response time. They convert low voltage, low current signals into high pressure pneumatic outputs. ESO and similar styles have top hose barb or #10-32 threaded fitting for N.C. exhaust or N.O. inlet. 

Coils are available to mate with TE Connectivity #5-103956-2 with connector or with 18” wire leads which utilize #26 wire. Clippard ES valves are unique, with only one internal moving part that travels a mere 0.007”.