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ES Series Valves

The ES Series features large cross sectional o-rings, minimal leak points, and proven poppet designs. To reduce the possibility of contamination, all mounting hardware is outside of the flow path and no internal parts are threaded during assembly. A compact footprint combined with long life and exceptional leak resistance makes this line well-suited to improve reliability in a wide range of applications including biomedical, dental, test equipment, oxygen control, textile, packaging, pressure control, automation, and portable systems.

ES Series Electronic ValvesClippard ES Series Valve Flow Chart

Key Features:

  • Over 1 billion cycles (under ideal conditions)
  • 0.01 sccm leak rate
  • No threads in flow path
  • Fast response - 5 to 10 ms (nominal)
  • Close mounting - 7/8" on center, overall height less than 1"
  • No anaerobic sealant
  • Ideal for ultra-low leak applications

Cutaway Diagram of Clippard ES Series Valve

Valve Type   2-way bi-directional or 3-way normally-closed & universally ported  

Ports   Inlet and outlet through manifold;
3-Way: Exhaust through top of valve

Operating Pressure   28" Hg Vac to 105 psig

Voltage   6, 12 or 24 VDC

Voltage Tolerance   90 to 120% of rated voltage

Wattage   1 watt at rated voltage

Temperature Range   32 to 150˚F

Medium   Clean, dry air and compatible gases (40 micron filter recommended)

Material, Wetted   ENP carbon steel, nickel iron alloy, 300 series stainless steel
Plus seal material

Material, Seals   Nitrile standard; FKM and EPDM available