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Quick Exhaust Valve Cylinder Application


In a typical application the exhaust valve is installed in the inlet of a spring return or double acting pneumatic cylinder.

Supply air from a control valve is directed into the inlet port of the exhaust valve. The Buna-N poppet seals the exhaust port and allows air to flow from the outlet port of the valve into the cylinder.

The pressurized air pushes against the piston and extends the rod, compressing the spring, until full rod extension is achieved.

When the control valve exhausts air from the exhaust valve inlet port, the Buna-N poppet shifts to seal the inlet port and open the exhaust port to the cylinder. The pressurized air is allowed to exhaust directly through the exhaust valve to atmosphere.

Normally the air must travel back through the long air line
to the control valve to exhaust. By mounting the exhaust
valve directly on the cylinder, the piston retracts quickly
since the distance to atmosphere is very short and unrestricted.

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