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Clippard Applications Have Gone to the Birds


Pneumatic automation plays a role on the roof tops of Clippard. Over time, pigeons become unruffled by the presence of a motionless plastic owl. By automating several owls throughout the area to pop up out of 8” PVC pipes, the pigeon problem has flown away.

Automation on a Budget


More companies discover pneumatics

Manufacturers are finding that automation need not necessarily involve a lot of complicated I/O or computers. "Adding an air cylinder to a simple $25 arbor press can make pressing, clamping, and holding into hands-free operations," says Jim Ruthemeyer, a manufacturing engineering manager at OPW Div., Dover Corp., in Cincinnati.

Clippard Air Valves Ensure Safe Fuel Transfer


We've all seen the unfortunate results on the evening news when fire engulfs a tanker truck or refueling station. While there are safety regulations in place, anything that can be done to make fuel transfer more hazard-free is always a welcome addition.