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Clippard Launches Phase II of 3D Catalog


Clippard Instrument Laboratory announces the launching of its expanded 3D catalog powered by TraceParts.  This new phase includes their extensive electronic and control valve miniature pneumatic lines.

Clippard Worldwide Distribution


Clippard's products are sold worldwide through a network of sales and engineering pneumatic  specialists.  All representatives are stocking distributors and keep a variety of Clippard merchandise to fill your immediate needs. Each distributor is backed by our own large inventory and pride in prompt delivery. Working within their assigned territory, each Clippard distributor is ready and eager to help solve your problems while saving you money, with Clippard quality and dependability.

Pest Control Using Clippard Electronic Solenoid Valves


Propane-powered mosquito control systems operate in many backyards and outdoor businesses 24 hours a day to remove a variety of both day and night biting insects.  As the insects approach the unit, they are vacuumed into a containment net and eventually dehydrate and die.  Essential to the design of these system are Clippard’s high performance EV Electronic Flow Control Valves that provide for long life, ultra-low leakage and low power consumption.