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Clippard Electro Pneumatic Toggle

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Clippard manufactures two custom pneumatic valves utilizing electrical switches to provide identical functionality for very different applications and markets.

Clippard’s CS3436 is used on a patient ventilator. This valve is operated by a push button and allows a patient to receive an extra breath when needed, even when the device is in electric mode or pneumatic mode.

“Flexible use” hospitals (like mass casualty tent hospitals) appreciate the ease of use of this multi-powered device. This control valve fits the “flexible use” description, as well!

Clippard’s CS3604 is a combination toggle operated valve and electrical switch that is used to raise and lower a mast around the “work area” of a fire supply water truck.  When the operator flips the toggle, the mast is raised and the light turns on. No extra operations are required. This one toggle does the trick!