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Clippard's Actions to Help Employees Affected by COVID-19


People and their families are Clippard’s top priority. This includes our employees, our customers, and our partners. We encourage wise choices and a proactive approach to your health.

Here are some of the things Clippard is doing:

  • Monitoring and following cleaning and sanitation protocols recommended by the CDC and OSHA
  • Staggering break times so that employees are no longer taking breaks in large groups
  • Propping open any doors that can remain open (please note that fire doors must remain closed) to prevent needing to touch doorknobs
  • Posting hand washing guidelines and reminders throughout our facilities
  • Increasing cleaning and disinfecting of all facilities, especially for frequently touched surfaces
  • Encouraging employees without childcare to stay home
  • Encouraging employees who are high risk or have a high risk family member in their care to stay home
  • Providing paid leave to employees who must miss work
  • Restricting company travel
  • Encouraging meetings to be held via video conference
  • Practicing social distancing, including refraining from shaking hands and avoiding close contact
  • Rescheduling all non-critical on-site meetings and visits
  • Implementing tools and processes to allow employees to work from home where possible

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