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Best of Luck to FRC Team 144!


In this video, the Colerain Robotics FRC Team 144 The R.O.C.K. reveals their 2017 FRC Robot, "Obsidian." You guys have done a great job with this robot! Good luck in the competition!



Clippard Chosen as the "World's Greatest!" Manufacturer of Miniature Pneumatic Products


Television segment aired by "World's Greatest!" sharing the story of why Clippard was chosen and what makes Clippard the "World's Greatest!" manufacturer of miniature pneumatic products.

Clippard Miniature 7 mm Electronic Valves Available Online

These direct actuating valves offer an extremely fast response time for accurate dosing of minute volumes. Due to very low moving weights, they are extremely quiet and emit very low vibration. Subminiature size and low energy consumption make them ideal for transportable and mobile systems, among others.

ASCO Numatics Cylinder Interchange Guide

Cylinder Interchange

Looking to replace an ASCO™ Numatics cylinder? Clippard's Interchange Guide identifies which Clippard cylinders can be interchanged with your existing ASCO™ Numatics cylinder.

How to Reduce Operating Costs by Adding Pressure Regulators


Steve Vance, Central District Manager for Clippard distributor Gulf Controls of Tampa, Florida, demonstrates how adding pressure regulators to your system can reduce costs.


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Clippard Media Isolation Valves for Medical and Laboratory Instrumentation - Video Interview

Rob Clippard, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, and Attila Kiss, NIV/NPV Product Manager, introduce Clippard's new NIV Series of media isolation valves and discuss how this new series allows Clippard to bring its valve expertise from the fluid power and control side of medical and laboratory applications to the control side of these devices for dispensing of media.

Challenges of Working with PTFE - A Design World Interview


In this on-location video, Design World's Mary Gannon talks with Clippard's Attila Kiss and Glenn Rahm about the new NIV Series media isolation valves, which are made with PTFE to resist corrosive media. This new solenoid-operated valve line uses a flexible diaphragm to isolate the actuation mechanism from the fluid path.

How to Auto Cycle a Double Acting Cylinder Without Limits


Cycling a double acting cylinder is necessary in many applications, including: agitators, product life testing, reciprocating pumps and manufacturing processes. Clippard's VA-06 control module makes this easy.