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Valve Actuator Guide

Valve Actuator Guide   The following valve actuators are compatible with all Clippard
MAV, MAVO, MJV, MJVO, FV, SAS, MAS series valves.

One of the most versatile items in the Clippard line. Permits wide circuit flexibility and allows many control functions to be accomplished pneumatically with less cost, hazards and complexity. These actuators are interchangeable and threads onto the tops of the miniature 2-Way, 3-Way, and 4-Way valves, and electric switches to provide fast pilot actuation from a pneumatic signal.


Push buttons can be used on individual stem-operated valves or in panel mount applications. These push buttons are available in a variety of colors, allowing you to color code, or easily differentiate between valves when designing control systems. The design of these push buttons allows maximum actuation of the valve with no over-travel or side load to the valve stem. This assures superior performance and long life.

MPA Series can remotely actuate any number of valves and switches simultaneously in different strategic locations from a single miniature 3-way valve reducing cost and simplifying systems. Thinking in terms of an air relay (i.e. one pressure source to another), these applications can be remotely located and even serve as a pressure interlock or safety device to provide simple funtions like turning off power when pressure fails.
Use the MPA Actuation Chart to choose the proper actuator valve combination for your application.

Cam Actuators permit the valve or electrical switch to be operated by mechanical movement depressing the stem from any direction