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Clippard's Automated Pneumatic Stamping Machine


Clippard's automated stamping machine enables fast, efficient imprinting of the Clippard logo and part number into small fittings that are machined in mass quantities.

How Does It Work?

Blank fittings are loaded into the machine's bowl feeder. The bowl rotates continuously until a proximity sensor is triggered—when the sensor is triggered, the rotation pauses and a fitting falls down the track into position. A cylinder continuously cycles, extending to hold the fitting in place.

Once in place, a GMR switch is activated and a side cylinder extends and clamps the fitting in position to be stamped. When the fitting is in position to be stamped, a signal is sent to MPA-3 and the MJV-3 stamp cylinder is actuated, imprinting the Clippard logo and part number into the fitting.

Once the fitting has been stamped, it is released and ejected down the chute, ready to be packed and shipped.

Parts used here include:

UT0-2, UT0-4, MJV-3, MPA-3, AVT, MMR-1N, SLV-3, 11752-3, 11752-2, MFC-3AK, GPS-P8Q, UC-0848, MAV-3, SAS-1A1, SPO-4, 4CQN, 15002-1, 11924-1, 15080, MJQC-CB4, MME-41NES-D024, MMM-41-06, 11755, URH8-0402-02T-050, URH1-0402, URH1-0804, T44-4, PC-3E-RD, CPS-C8Q5