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SAS/MAS Switch Tester


Sub-miniature (SAS) and Miniature (MAS) Air Switches are low-cost, air-actuated electrical switches that come in a variety of pressures.


Sub-miniature switches utilize a single pole, double throw (SPDT) electrical switch, certified UL and CSA. Mechanically-operated models are also available which may be used with any Clippard air pilot or push-button actuator. The electrical switch is actuated by a lever arm which may be used as a manual override.

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Miniature switches utilize a standard miniature single pole, double throw (SPDT) electrical switch, certified UL, CSA, SEMKO and VDE. These models are available in #10-32, M5, manual and female 1/8-27 NPT ports for direct mounting into manifolds.

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Filmed at Clippard Instrument Laboratory

Evan Thomas of Clippard Instrument Laboratory shows a new testing machine he built for testing Clippard's sub-miniature and miniature air-to-electric switches.

The tester was designed to perform a more comprehensive test, and data acquisition was incorporated as well. This new testing machine has increased efficiency with the SAS/MAS product line by enabling our operators to perform testing at the same time they are building product.

Several Clippard products were used to build this testing machine, including an air volume tank and 2-way and 3-way electronic valves.