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Precision Control for MicroBlasting


Clippard Pneumatic Solutions

Clippard Pneumatic Solutions

As micro-abrasive blasting becomes more and more sophisticated, manufacturers are continuing to develop equipment for a wider range of intricate processes used in many industries. Some of those industries include medical, precision machining, aerospace, semiconductor and more.

Clippard Micro Blasting Application


micro blasting

Micro blasting describes the process of delivering micron sized abrasives by means of compressed air or gas to the surface of an object. This process demands a very precise means of control—not only in volume, but in speed, distance from the part, and other variables depending on the base material. Although manufacturers offer many types of blasting machines, most are delivered through a very small nozzle. The orifice of the nozzle will vary depending on the blasting material, but the small nozzle size enables the micro blasting of precision parts for medical pacemakers, texturing surfaces for adhesives, or the cleaning/de burring of very small parts, just to name a few.


Clippard Micro Blasting Application

controlled delivery

Comco, Inc., located in Burbank, California, recently introduced their AccuFlo micro blaster. Their patented PowderGate valve controls the on/off action of the abrasive material. This control process utilizes Comco's patented Simoom Technology. As applied to AccuFlo, Simoom Technology describes how the modulator, media tank and mixing chamber work together for a controlled delivery of the abrasive.


quality & precision

Housed in the control panel is one of Clippard's Minimatic® stainless steel cylinders, which was designed and built for this particular application. The function of the cylinder in the delivery process is to precisely open and close the PowerGate valve. Working in concert with the distributor and Comco Inc., Clippard's application engineering was able to meet the design criteria and quality needed for this micro blasting process.


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