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Clippard Oxygen Clean Manifolds

Clippard Oxygen Clean Manifolds
Single- and multi-station manifolds are available for use with Clippard’s Oxygen Clean series electronic valves. These manifolds offer either single-sided or double-side mounting in Oxygen-compatible electroless nickel plated brass material.  

The Oxygen clean series products are manufactured and assembled for applications in Oxygen-enriched environments which are extremely sensitive to contamination. Each manifold is cleaned according to Clippard Specification #ES-3.41, and double bagged in heat-sealed polyethylene bags.

Cleaning & Testing Process

• Manifolds are ultrasonically-cleaned and inspected  in an enclosed controlled area with a positive pressure HEPA filtration system

• Both organic and inorganic contaminants such as particulate matter and Hydrocarbon oils are removed

• Individual inspection is accomplished utilizing Ultraviolet light

Medium:  Air or Liquid
Input Ports:  In-line 1/8” NPT (G1/8 optional)
Outlet Ports:  #10-32 (M5 optional)
Mounting:  #10-32 tapped holes (M5 optional)
Material, Body:  ENP Brass