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Clippard Gasket & Sealant Tips

Gaskets are recommended for use with Clippard fittings. They provide snug, dependable seals without extra effort or materials. The most popular gasket for static sealing of #10-32 threads is the 11761-2 Nitrile Gasket. This gasket is included with packaged fittings and comes installed on a variety of Minimatic® slip-on fittings. Overtightening fittings with gaskets may have a tendency to extrude the gasket. While this may be a concern, the actual sealing is being accomplished by a small piece of the gasket at the base of the threads.


There are a number of brands of anaerobic sealants that may be used with Clippard fittings. Anaerobic sealants are applied wet and harden when no longer exposed to air. their proper use results in a very effective, low cost seal. There are several alternate sealing methods:

                      1. sealant alone                     2. gasket alone                       3. gasket and sealant combination

The first two methods will provide adequate sealing for normal air pressures. When extra resistance to vibration is necessary or a permanent orientation of the fitting is required, use of the combination of both gasket and sealant is recommended.