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Singer ICN Tufting Machine Produces Intricate Pattern Carpet; Saves Valuable Yarn


Application Story Published by Clippard, 1984

Clippard Valves and Cylinders Contribute to Unique Capability

The new ICN (individually-controlled needle) tufting machine produced by The Singer Company is a major step forward for the carpet industry in productivity and flexibility.

For the first time carpet manufacturers have available a tufting machine which will produce carpet with full width, non-repetitive patterns. The machine can also show yarn savings up to 30%, an exceptionally important benefit in today’s unpredictable economy.

The new machine is also suitable for producing highly patterned bedspreads and scatter rugs, as well as full width carpet.

Clippard produces help contribute to the success of this important new machine, especially a very new Clippard device, the new “Mouse” Electronic/Pneumatic Interface Valve.

Controlled needle tufting is not new, but never before has the machinery been available to the carpet industry. The new machine is rugged and employs standardization for the user. It utilizes the very latest in electronic pattern systems.

     Individual needles are engaged by
     miniature Clippard air cylinders to
     provide tufting action.
The result of intensive development, the machine incorporates many significant features:
  1. 1.  Patented stroke adjustment system.
  2. 2.  Needle carriers supported independently of the needle drive mechanism for highest strength.
  3. 3.  Solid-state electronic control system with automatic short circuit detection; utilizing either well-known photoelectric scanning technique or full computerized pattern preparation and control.
  4. 4.  Pneumatic needle latching eliminates all solenoid linkage; permits clear access to needles from both sides.
  5. 5.  Exclusive sliding needle plate to provide dense fabric effects and lateral pattern capability.

Clippard Minimatic® “Mouse” Electronic/Pneumatic Interface Valves, about 800 per machine, depending on machine size, receive electronic signals from the computer, convert them within 5 ms into pneumatic outputs to operate 800 matching Clippard cylinders which engage individual needles.

    Banks of Clippard EV Valves convert
    electronic signals to pneumatic outputs
    to power the cylinders.



The new Singer machine is available to produce carpet widths from 1 to 4 meters. Standard gauge is 3/16”, and pile height may be infinitely varied from 3/8” to 1-1/4”. Stitch rate range is from 4 S.P.I. to 12 S.P.I. or greater. The new machine is produced by The Singer Company, Cobble Division, Chattanooga, Tennessee. Mr. Jim Scott, Singer Director of Engineering, Mr. Buddy Maddox, Airdraulics, Inc., Chattanooga and Mr. Len Barrett of the Clippard Cincinnati office cooperated in developing use of the Clippard components used in the machine.

Clippard products were selected for this amazing new carpet tufting equipment because of its unique electronic/pneumatic ability, and because of the reliability and long life of the product.  Airdraulics’ service and stocking of needed products also contribute to the decision to use Clippard.