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Man Your Stations!


In R/C (radio controlled) combat, hobbyists from around the world build, fight and sink 1/144 scale model warships. Ships are armed with CO-powered cannons that blast steel ball bearings at their enemies. Water pumps are used to control battle damage. As long as you can pump any incoming water out of your vessel, you should stay afloat.

Clippard is the preferred supplier of pilot actuators,2- and 3-way valves, manifolds, check valves,cylinders, regulators, toggle valves, cam actuator sand much more to the novice in the R/C Warship, Submarine and Airplane fields. When your vessel measures only 5’ long, you need the most versatile, reliable miniature parts available. “We all love the hobby. Therefore we must all love Clippard parts.”

“Clippard parts have been used in R/C Model Warships, literally for decades. They have stood the test of time—that’s why they are still used almost exclusively in all formats and scales”. Big Gun, Small Gun, 1/144, 1/96, and 1/72.