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Eclipse 2-Way Proportional Isolation Valves FAQ


What motor is used to control the valve?

NEMA size 8 Bipolar Hybrid Stepper Motor

Motor Specifications
Wiring:  Bipolar
Step Angle: 1.8"
Winding Voltage: 2.5 VDS
Current/Phase:  0.49 Arms
Resistance/Phase: 5.1 Ohms
Inductance/Phase: 1.5 mH
Power Input: 2.45 Watts
Protor Inertia: 1.4 gcm2
Linear Travel/Step (resolution): 0.00006" (0.015 mm)

How long is the motor's wiring?

12" (304.8 mm)

What is the suggested method to control the motor?

A controller such as a PLC or microcontroller in conjunction with a bipolar chopper driver such as Clippard's SCPVD-1 Stepper-Controlled Proportional Valve Driver. See SCPVD-1 Installation and Operations Manual.

What voltage should be applied to the motor?

The motor should always be powered using a stepper motor driver with a supply of 20 VDC, however 24 VDC can be utilized instead.

How do I zero the motor?

The valve can be homed by driving the motor clockwise until it reaches the hard stop (audible change). It is recommended to drive the motor at a lower current or voltage during homing procedures. The four-digit number at the end of the serial number is the number of steps from the motor hard-stop to initial flow, or the offset distance. A hard-stop can be reached on either end of the motor shaft, but the offset distance given is relative to the motor hard- stop. Direction of rotation can be determined by looking at the inset shaft on the back of the valve.

Why is the motor not moving as far as expected?

The driver may be set to micro-step. Refer to he Drivers Operations Manual for information regarding micro-step configuration.

What gases or fluids cannot be used in this valve?

Hydrofluoric acid*

* Other highly corrosive acids in high concentrations and
temperatures may affect the ceramic components. Contact
  Clippard's Technical Sales Team
with questions.

What is the rcommended way to clear or clean the valve?

Move to fully-open position and flush with water or detergent.

Which port is the inlet?

Eclipse Proportional Valve PortsThe Eclipse is bi-directional, however the calibration curve is recorded using the port closest to the motor (Port B) as the supply. Please note there are slightly different flow characteristics depending on which way the valve is operated. Contact Clippard's Technical Sales Team with questions.

What hardware is included with the valve?

Two captured 18-8 stainless steel socket head screws, M.5 x 0.45 mm, 6 mm long, to secure the valve to an adapter or manifold.

What size Allen wrench is needed for the mounting screws?

2 mm

What adapters or fasteners are recomended for the valve's ports?

The zero dead volume model (P/N: EIVU-Z) comes with a ZDVF adapter which has 1/4-28 UNF ports for two flangeless headless fittings. Clippard recommends a nut/ferrule combination from IDEX (P/N: XP-283X).

Note: The fittings must be flangeless, meaning the tubing does not flare on the end. Also, "Flangeless" style and "Super Flangeless" styles from IDEX are not interchangeable. The ports are 0.3125" apart so clearance necessary for installation and tightening/looseneing must be accounted for.

The manifold mount model (P/N: EIVU-M) can be connnected to a gas/fluid line by a custom-made manifold (using the manifold layout below) or by an EIV single-station manifold EUM-01 which has #10-32 UNF ports, or M-EUM-01 which has M5 x 0.8-6H ports.

Manifold Mount Eclipse Valve Dimensions

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