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Clippard Maximatic® Valves & FRLs

Maximatic® Valves & FRL

    Maximatic® Solenoid & 
    Air-Piloted Valves



Maximatic® 3-way, 4-way, single and double solenoid, 3-way and 4-way air piloted valves are available in many sizes and variations for a wide range of applications.  Specified, tested and backed by Clippard, these quality manufactured imported valves are available in sizes from #10-32 to 1/2”, and pressure ranges from 0 to 150 psig, depending on the valve and model.

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    Maximatic® FRLs


The FRLs are rated at 150 psig maximum input pressure and are available with port sizes from #10-32 to 1" with standard or high flow rates. Several variations are offered that include stacking Filter-Regulators, plus bowl and drain options.

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