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Clippard Analytical Valve Cleaning Specification

Specification ES-3.43
The purpose of this document is to describe the materials and methods Clippard uses to clean electronic valves (EC, ET, EV and EW Series) intended for use in analytical environments.

•    Valves are designed with reduced leak paths.
•    Parts are cleaned, assembled and tested in an enclosed room (“Controlled Area”) that is kept under positive pressure with HEPA filtered air.
        (Seals are cleaned and out-gassed in a separate area.)
•    Access to Controlled Area is restricted to trained Clippard personnel.
•    Gloves are used to handle all cleaned parts.
•    All assembly tools and test equipment are designed and cleaned to avoid contamination of product.

•    All parts are cleaned to normal production standards before being brought into the Controlled Area.
•    Seals are cleaned ultrasonically with high purity alcohol, then heated to outgas.
•    Non-elastomeric parts are ultrasonically cleaned in a heated aqueous cleaning solution for at least 10 minutes.
•    Parts are rinsed in purified water, then dried with heat and/or forced (ambient) air or compressed nitrogen.

Post-Cleaning Inspection
•    Cleaned parts are inspected under white and ultraviolet light to insure the absence of particulate and hydrocarbon contamination.
•    After inspection, parts are either assembled immediately, or bagged and labeled as clean for later assembly.

•    Components are lubricated with isopropyl alcohol, only as needed for assembly.

•    All assembly tools and test equipment are designed and cleaned to avoid contamination of product.
•    Assembled valves are tested using compressed Nitrogen.
•    Valves are pressure decay leak tested.

Packaging & Identification
•    Finished valves are double bagged in heat sealed polyethylene bags and labeled “Analytically Clean.”

Usage Notes
•    Valves should remain in their sealed bags until ready for assembly.
•    Care must be taken to avoid contaminating parts during assembly.
•    Clippard reserves the right to change this specification without notice.
•    Purchaser assumes complete and total responsibility and liability for any and all penalties, remedies, or any other form of claim arising from the installation and/or use of this product.
•    The extent of Clippard’s liability shall not exceed the cost of the actual part and/or part replacement as stated in Clippard’s standard terms and condition of sale.