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Design World

All-Stainless Steel Cylinders Video, MD&M West 2015


For caustic applications, these cylinders are the answer! Ernie Doering, Vice President of International & Innovation at Clippard Instrument Laboratory, explains more in this Design World video.

Video filmed at MD&M West 2015 in Anaheim, CA by Design World



Advantages of Clippard's New DV Valve


Rob Clippard and John Campbell of Clippard Instrument Laboratory highlight the advantages of the new DV electronic valve for pneumatic applications, its market potential—particularly for medical and analytical devices, and packaging—and how it fits in with Clippard's continued vision of being an innovator in pneumatic engineering design.

Filmed at Clippard Instrument Laboratory, 2014

Design World's Product Showcase: Clippard's New DV Electronic Valve

Design World's Editorial Director Paul Heney highlights Clippard Instrument Laboratory's new DV valve, an electronic valve for pneumatic applications that offers high flow rates of 100 l/pm at 100 psig while offering extremely low leakage rates. The energy-efficient design only consumes 1.9 watts, making it ideal for packaging, medical, analytical and more applications.

Filmed at Design World, 2014