Controlling pressure is an important requirement in all systems. Maximatic Regulators are adjustable from 7 to 125 psig. For applications requiring better resolution, 7 to 30 or 7 to 60 psig models with spring are available. The #10-32 size is a piston-style due to its small size, while the 1/8” to 1” are a diaphragm design.
  Maximatic® Regulator
Air Regulators provide precise air regulation from 7 to 125 psig. The adjustment knob must be pulled out to adjust the pressure, preventing accidental adjustment. Maximum inlet pressure is 150 psig.

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Part No.
Product Description 1-5 of 5
MMR-2P 1/8" NPT Regulator, 540 l/min
MMR-2P-P30 Maximatic Regulator, 1/8" NPT, 7 to 30 psig
MMR-2Q 1/4" NPT Regulator, 540 l/min
MMR-3Q 1/4" NPT Regulator, 2500 l/min
MMR-4Z 1/2" NPT Regulator, 5900 l/min