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Clippard Pneumatic Music Tree


Clippard's Pneumatic Tree

Controls:  Clippard Miniature Pneumatic Components Driven by MIDI signals via Cubase VST Software

# of Tube Instruments:  16 Tuned Percusive Tubes beginning with Bb

Sewing with Clippard


At one time, the rug tufting industry was large users of Clippard cylinders and valves.  Because of rising labor costs, many floor covering manufacturing facilities left North America for less expensive production means.

Portable Oxygen Therapy


Manufacturers of portable liquid oxygen units provide long-term oxygen patients the freedom to lead active, healthier lifestyles. These personal oxygen systems are small and lightweight, provide approximately 8.5 hours of use (at 2 lpm), and are refillable from a stationary reservoir.  Clippard MCV check valve controls oxygen delivery.