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Charles's Law


Charles's law states:  If the pressure is constant, the volume of a mass of gas is proportional to the absolute temperature. The absolute temperature is always 273 Kelvin more than the centigrade temperature.

A useful expression of this physics law is:

Clippard Joins Forces with FIRST 2010 Press Release


Clippard Instrument Laboratory, Inc. announced that it is joining forces with FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology), a not-for-profit organization founded by inventor Dean Kamen to inspire young people’s interest and participation in science and technology, as a Silver Supplier of the FIRST Robotics Competition.

The First Miniature Pneumatic Application


The first need was for automation of testing RF coils.  Leonard Clippard searched for the right components...  they didn't exist.  So he invented a line of miniature cylinders, fittings and valves and pioneered miniature pneumatics as we know them today.


The first RF coil automated tester using miniature pneumatics.

Clippard Heavy-Duty Limit Valves Instructions

Instructions for Clippard LVA-2, LVA-3, LVAO-2 & LVAO-3

Internal Valve Mechanisms
The internal valve mechanism is one of a group of Clippard cartridge valves. These are poppet type valves machined from brass and stainless steel. The seals are Buna-N and all brass parts are chemically-treated to resist corrosion. Used in the limit valve, the maximum flow (2-way or 3-way) is 19 cfm at 100 psig and 10 cfm at 50 psig. Pressure range is 0 to 300 psig.