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Clippard Two-Hand, No-Tie-Down (THNTD) Safety Circuit

Pneumatic Two-Hand, No-Tie-Down Module

Clippard Two-Hand, No-Tie-Down Pneumatic Circuit VA-023-GN

Green Palm Buttons for Clippard Two-Hand, No-Tie-Down Pneumatic Circuit VA-023-GN


The main function of this control is to require a machine operator to use both hands to actuate the equipment, helping to insure that the operator’s hands are not in a position to be injured by the machine as it is in motion.


Clippard’s Minimatic® VA-023 circuit module is a self-contained modular circuit board with all interconnections required to provide a Two-Hand, No-Tie-Down (THNTD) pneumatic circuit. Use of the VA-023 will assure simple and rapid installation of your Two-Hand, No-Tie-Down circuit.

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