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Directional Control Valves

  Clippard Directional Control Valves

Recognized as the original and most complete line of miniature fluid power components, Clippard quality in design, engineering, manufacturing, as well as an expansive product offering, make Minimatics the preferred choice for miniature and subminiature pneumatic applications.

When designing a pneumatic system, choose the proper size for each component. A valve of insufficient capacity may cause an entire system to operate slower than expected. Conversely, utilizing a valve which possesses greater capacity than is actually required results in needless size and often leads to excessive speed, impact, wear, and air consumption.



• Superior Design
• 100% Tested
• Toggle Valves
• Push Button Valves
• Air Piloted Valves
• Multi Function Valves
• Aluminum, Brass, Stainless, Plastics
• #3-56 Threaded Ports up to 1/2" NPT
• Vacuum to 300 psig Ranges



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