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Fill & Bleed Valves

The FBV-3 may be used to pressurize or "fill" a chamber or bladder by depressing the toggle in one direction and then de-pressurize or "bleed" that same chamber or bladder by depressing the toggle in the other direction. Toggling back and forth between the inlet and exhaust provides a fine adjustment of the required pressure in the chamber or bladder.

Clippard EGV Series Electronic High Flow Poppet Valves


• May be used as pressure selectors


Medium: Air
Input Pressure: 120 psig max.
Air Flow: 125 l/min @ 50 psig
Force for Full Stem Travel: 8 oz. nominal
Toggle: Plastic or ENP Steel
Materials: Brass body, Nitrile seals, stainless steel stem and spring
Mounting: 5/8-32 thread. Nut and lockwashers furnished. Two 0.171 mounting holes in body or may be mounted directing on a cylinder.

Clippard Fill Bleed Valve Flow Chart