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MPS-2 Miniature Pilot Sensor

MPS-2 Poppet Valve with Pilot Sensor

Clippard's MPS-2 miniature pilot sensor is designed for use with pressure-piloted circuits. The MPS-2 is extremely sensitive and can repeatedly detect a position within only 0.005". In jigs or fixtures, it will signal correct position and start-ok to control circuit. The MPS-2 is great for fast and reliable position sensing in clamping and press applications.

Medium: Air
Stem Travel: 1/16" max. (will open and close in as little as 0.005")
Input Pressure: 300 psig max.
Air Flow: 3 scfm @ 50 psig; 6 scfm @ 100 psig
Force for Stem Travel: 7 oz. nominal
Mounting: #15/16-24 thread, nut and lockwashers furnished

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Part No. Description
MPS-2 Poppet Valve with Pilot Sensor, #10-32
MPS-2P Poppet Valve with Pilot Sensor, 1/8" NPT

MPS-2 DrawingsR-441 and MPS-2 Circuit