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Medical Marijuana Packaging


In the medical marijuana industry, the packaging process is critical. Oxygen, light and humidity all work to degrade the quality of cannabis—the more it is exposed, the more the cannabinoids are degraded. A superior packaging system gives manufacturers distinct advantages.

medical marijuana

According to Rob Clippard, Vice President of Sales & Marketing:
"It's no secret that the medical marijuana industry has really taken off, and we have already been developing innovative solutions for the medical and packaging industries for years. So when we began brainstorming ways to develop new revenue streams, this seemed obvious. It was really just the next step."

innovative packaging system

Clippard's engineering department developed an innovative packaging system that uniquely preserves and protects the marijuana, in addition to allowing it to be easily packaged. Bulk product is poured into the system by hand, where it is dispensed onto a conveyor belt. As it moves along the conveyor, the system senses the product on the belt and sets of cylinders extend and retract, pushing it into precisely portioned piles.

proprietary binding agent

Once properly portioned, a proprietary binding agent is dispensed and the product passes through to the cubing station. Here, two sets of cylinders extend to compress the product into compact, easy-to-package cuboids which are then sealed into packages, labeled and dispensed into a box to be shipped.

Clippard's proprietary binding agent, Formula 420, was discovered by accident when the advertising manager dropped an undisclosed ingredient into his soup by mistake. Although the resulting concoction was not tasty enough to serve as lunch that day, a few brave engineers happened to hear of the incident and set about performing a test that, had it not been successful, would not have been endorsed by the company in any way...

Clippard's Formula 420 was the deciding factor behind the decision to launch BudPack, a new Colorado-based division that will focus on the production and packaging of marijuana.

Kyle Kushman, lifelong marijuana connoiseur, has been named BudPack’s CEO. Kushman worked directly with Clippard engineers to develop AirBud, BudPack’s house brand of medical marijuana. AirBud has been specially engineered for BudPack. Its medicinal qualities are actually enhanced by key enzymatic processes activated by the proprietary binding agent, and are uniquely protected by BudPack’s innovative pneumatic packaging process.

According to Kyle Kushman, CEO of BudPack: “Clippard’s engineers are so awesome... We never could have made this totally awesome machine without them... It’s just like, so awesome... This is the best weed ever and all the weed we pack with our awesome weed packer is so awesomely packed man! It’s just... Awesome.”

Happy April Fools’ Day!


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Published April 1, 2014