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Clippard EVP Electronic Proportional Control Valves Take Charge


EVP proportional control valves combine the features of the existing EV series valves with the additional capability of proportional control. They provide control of air or gas flow, and vary the output flow based on the current input to the solenoid. Consistent gain supplies a high degree of control for a long service life. The valves can be controlled using DC current, open- or closed-loop control, and PWM (pulse width modulation) to cover a broad range of applications. Loosening the adjusting ring allows positioning to orient connections. Single internal moving part means low friction and wear.


  • Fast response
  • In-line or manifold mounting
  • Three connection styles
  • Seal Materials: Nitrile Standard, Viton, EPDM
  • Maximum Hysteresis: 10% of full current
  • Temperature Range: 32°to 120°F
  • Control Voltages: 0 to 5, 0 to 10 and 0 to 20 volts
  • Orifice Sizes: 0.009-, 0.013-, 0.025-, 0.040- and 0.060-in.
  • Power Consumption: 1.9 watts at 23°C; 2.3 watts max.
  • Ports: #10-32 Female (In-line) #10-32 Male Stud (Manifold)