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Clippard Cylinders Help Bring Creatures to Life!



We’ve all seen them— especially this time of year. Creatures that lurk in dark shadows, hide under leaves, crouch behind bushes, go bump in the night—just waiting on the most vulnerable passersby. But 15’ characters pneumatically engineered and controlled to thrash violently while impaled on a pole, or float out of coffins, spring from dining tables or leap distances of 16’? Well that’s just a sampling of a few of the capabilities of the unique Halloween characters designed and fabricated at The Scarefactory, Inc. in Columbus,Ohio!

They shake, they jump, they crawl, they fly, they rattle, dig, scream, snap and even climb poles with the help of Clippard Pneumatic Cylinders and Exhaust Valves. But Clippard only helps with the motion—it’s the creative staff at Scarefactory that really make these animated characters seem to come to life!

Dave Fachman, President of Scarefactory, says that although the Haunted Attraction industry has been their primary focus, they plan to expand into other markets such as the theme entertainment industry involving restaurants, parks and the motion picture business. In addition, Fachman’s next challenge is to develop more life-like, fluid characters which Clippard’s new EVP Proportional Flow Control Valves could play an important role due to their high degree of control and flexibility.

Since 2001, a few of Scarefactory’s notable accomplishments includes a contract to design and build the new Haunted Hotel for Ocean Park Hong Kong, a premier water theme park in Aberdeen. In addition, the technical crew heads to the Playboy Mansion in Bel-Air, California annually to design and install a spectacular display for the mansion’s Hollywood Halloween party. In all, Scarefactory provides products and services to more than 500 Haunted attractions around the world.

Scarefactory offers individual products such as costumes, still figures, animated creatures, furniture and fixtures— all handmade, expertly painted and guaranteed to amaze and entertain even the most serious novelists!

Clippard cylinders raise and lower characters

Clippard cylinder used to operate the arms of the ”Attacking Hound”