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3-Way Intrinsically Safe Elec Valve, Norm-Open, Mfld Mnt
See Catalog: Page 188


VALVE W/BLUE CAP&25005-15.5-D

Additional Information

AccessoriesHigh-Flow Mouse Piloted Valves: 2020 2021 EVB-2 EVB-3
Connection0.025" Square Pin Connector
ConnectorTE Connectivity #5-103956-1
Connector P/NC2-RB18, C2-RB120
Filtration40 micron
MediumClean, Dry Air
MountManifold Mount
Operating Range90 to 150% of Rated Voltage
Ports#10-32 Female In-Line
Power Consumption0.67 watt
Pressure Range28" Hg Vac. to 105 psig
Related ManifoldsManifolds
Response5 to 10 milliseconds (nominal)
Temperature Range32 to 180°F (0 to 82°C)
Used AsNormally-Closed, Normally-Open, Selector, or Diverter
Valve Porting3-Way Fully-Ported
Voltage15.5 VDC