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Installation Instructions

Modular IO Circuit Assembly

I/O Modular Sequencer Installation Tips      

Clippard Push-Quick Fittings Installation/Removal Instructions

Installation of Tubing into fitting
1. Slowly push a clean and perpendicularly cut tubing into the fitting until it comes to a dead stop.
2. Pull the tubing back gently until the Gripper Ring of the fitting grips onto the tubing and has a good seal.

Clippard Heavy-Duty Limit Valves Instructions

Instructions for Clippard LVA-2, LVA-3, LVAO-2 & LVAO-3

Internal Valve Mechanisms
The internal valve mechanism is one of a group of Clippard cartridge valves. These are poppet type valves machined from brass and stainless steel. The seals are Buna-N and all brass parts are chemically-treated to resist corrosion. Used in the limit valve, the maximum flow (2-way or 3-way) is 19 cfm at 100 psig and 10 cfm at 50 psig. Pressure range is 0 to 300 psig.